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Meet Renata Muraškaitė

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Welcome to MURASHKO Art Studio world

Hey, I am Renata and I am founder of MURASHKO art studio. I am contemporary art representative. Harmony and contrast is frequently explored in my artwork. You can find there a splash of vivid colours or, in the language that artist use when they talk among themselves, monochrome blue hues.

About my mission

Many of my paintings belong to private collections in Lithuania, UK and Luxembourg. My mission is to encourage people to buy art from living artists, wither away IKEA's prints as a first choice and implement that art can be affordable and valuable. In addition, show abroad people that we have creative, unique and talented people in Lithuania.

Artist CV


2012 Art school in name of Justinas Vienožinskis, Vilnius

2015 – 2019 Vilnius University, Bachelor Degree in French Philology

2019 – 2021 ISM University of Management and Economics, Master's degree in International marketing and management

Solo shows:

2020 "How do you look at art?" at Naktinis Vilniaus Avilys (Vilnius, Lithuania)

2021 "Quarantinopoly" + "Lithuanian Grand Dukes and Duchesses portraits" at Smoke factory (lt. Dūmų fabrikas), Lithuanian officers palace (lt. Lietuvos karininkų ramovė) (Vilnius, Lithuania)

"Lithuanian Grand Dukes and Duchesses portraits" at Naktinis Vilniaus Avilys, Kauno Akropolis (Vilnius, Lithuania)

2022 "Lithuanian Grand Dukes and Duchesses portraits" at Quadrum, Business Garden (Vilnius, Lithuania)


2022 Field art at "Karklė" music festival

Menas Be Stogo, Virtual gallery exhibition

Why to follow my art journey?

I want inspire you to create and to find whatever you have been looking for - art piece, art technique or art buddy.


For collaborations, exhibitions and purchase details please contact:

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