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The Story Behind the Sold Queen Morta Painting

Portraits of Lithuanian Grand Dukes consist of 9 paintings, and one of them found its home a year ago.

Meet Queen Morta, the second wife of Mindaugas, the first known ruler of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. She served as the Grand Duchess of Lithuania and later became the Queen consort of Lithuania. Despite the scarcity of information about her life, the painting capturing her essence found a new home one year after its completion.

The story behind this acquisition adds a personal touch:

"I have a special story connected to the painting, my family name before I was married changed to X was Bulevicius, Queen Morta's first husband was Vismantas Bulevicius and it is a very rare name as you may know in Lithuania, so this is a very special painting to me and my family. The whole of the Bulevicius family here in London are gathering on 16th July and the painting a reminder of the family ancestry.

My grandfather Peter Bulevicuis fled the Russian revolution in 1895 to Scotland and met my Lithuanian grandmother there and they lived in London and had 11 children in the UK and 23 grandchildren of which I am one.

Just wanted you to know it is going to be in a special place with our family.

I love how you captured her in modern way in the turquoise and blues, I am intrigued to know why you chose this colour for all the portraits, if you are able to share more I would love to know more."

For the complete collection and to view the remaining paintings, please visit

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