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Partners in Crime

Partners in Crime

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An authentic painting from the Quarantinopoly 2021/2022 collection. Original contemporary piece, unique & only one. Signed on the lower right corner. Comes with an authenticity certificate attached on the backside.


Size: 1.2x0.8 m

Medium: Acrylics on canvas (wooden frame beneath)

Year: 2022

  • Meet Partners in Crime

    "Partners in Crime" depicts a captivating bond between two individuals, a duo united by their convictions and loyalty to one another. The painting showcases two figures, perhaps two girls, one with a cigarette, in a moment of camaraderie and trust.

    Their companionship transcends boundaries of sexuality and nationality, symbolizing the power of a friendship that knows no limits. The fiery passion in their eyes is a testament to the fierce love they share, making them each other's true partner in crime.

    This art piece is a beautiful representation of the bonds that can be formed when two people find comfort and security in each other. The brushstrokes dance across the canvas, bringing the scene to life, while the vibrant colors and dynamic composition convey the energy and intimacy of the relationship.

    "Partners in Crime" is more than just a painting; it is a celebration of the unbreakable connections that can be forged between two individuals. Whether it's a bond of friendship or a love affair, this piece will bring joy and inspiration to any space it inhabits. So, if you're looking for a piece of art that speaks to the soul and celebrates the power of friendship and love, this painting is for you.

  • Care

    To make sure your acrylic painting remains in perfect condition for years to come, take the following precautions:

    • Your hand-painted acrylic painting will be gently brushed with a feather duster or lightly wiped with a soft cotton cloth.
    • Do not use wet cloths, polishes, or any other substance that may damage the canvas or pigments in the paint.
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